Fiction Ghostwriter

There are two different types of ghostwriters: a fiction ghostwriter and a non-fiction ghostwriter. Each has a different style of writing and require different skills. A ghostwriter for fiction should be creative and have the ability to organize ideas seamlessly. They are often good at creating suspense, plot, characterization and dialogue. Therefore they possess the ability to immerse the reader deep into the content and stimulate different emotions. Nowadays most story tellers depend on ghostwriters for quality output. Non-fiction writers on the other hand required extensive research. They have to supplement their topics with facts and arguments. Therefore a lot of attention to technical details is a must. The more the writer has the knowledge of the topic the better he can write.

A fiction ghostwriter is good at writing novels and articles where ideas and emotions have to be clearly balanced. They have the uncanny ability to pay close attention to detail and character. To begin with, fiction ghostwriters will try and be clear about the following:

  1. Characters involved
  2. Plot Sequence
  3. Settings
  4. Point of View
  5. Length
  6. Pace
  7. Tense and other details

Hiring a fiction ghostwriter involves a lot of patience and coordination. The hiring person should constantly coordinate and express to the ghost writer the theme, the flow and organization of his content. Here is how it should be coordinated.

First Draft

The ghostwriter usually writes the first draft without any inputs from the clients. The time it takes to complete the first draft is obviously the equation of the length and complexity of task at hand. After the completion it is sent to the client for review and inputs.


The charge of revision is often included in the fees itself. Most writers allow for 4-5 revisions per chapter. However if the client changes the course of the topic then he/she will be charged accordingly.

Final Draft

After the client has approved of all the revisions the writer will can conduct a thorough read through of the entire content and root out any grammatical errors and typos and present the final copy.

Hiring a professional, fiction ghostwriter helps writes turn their ideas into a completed novel, short story, or screenplay. Fiction ghostwriters also usually offer editing services in which they will edit the story for grammar, readability, structure, inconsistencies, and more. If you are working on a fiction story, consider hiring a professional fiction ghostwriter online today.