By: Thomas Kallergis Film Critique: Analyzing the Star or Director Through Their Films Spike Lee – Modern Star Director – She’s Gotta Have it, Crooklyn, Inside Man Spike Lee, born Shelton Jackson Lee, is a modern Black director who was born in Atlanta, Georgia but grew up in Brooklyn, New York. It can be said that Mr. Lee is not one to shy away from controversy, be it in his films or public statements. The production company that Mr. Lee founded is called “40 Acres and a Mule” referring to the famous American policy in 1865 that gave newly freed slave their own land andRead More →

The Essential Elements in Language and Literacy Curriculum in the Caribbean. Subject: Curriculum Issues in Language Arts Education Curriculum issues in Language Arts Education suggest many things, in order to understand the problems we must first grasp the theory of what is language Arts Education. English Language Arts Education incorporates the teaching and learning of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. Integration of language arts occurs in multiple ways. First, curriculum, instruction, and assessment reflect the integration of listening, speaking, viewing, reading, and writing. The language arts are not perceived as individual content areas, but as one unified subject in which each of the fiveRead More →

Ch4 #32, 34, 41 ACC307 #32 1) Professional Labor Hours Indirect Costs Direct Costs Legal Support Indirect-Cost Pool Cost-Allocation Base Cost Object: Direct Labor Job for clients Direct Costs 2) 2008 budgeted direct-cost rate per hour of professional labor $104,000 / 1600 hours = $65 per professional labor hour 3) 2008 budgeted indirect-cost rate per hour of professional labor $2,200,000 / (25 x 1600 hours) = $55 per professional labor hour 4) a. Litigation work for Richardson, Inc. , which requires 100 budgeted hours of professional labor. (Prepare cost estimate) Direct costs Direct labor cost: $65 x 100 = $6,500 Indirect costs Legal support cost:Read More →

AFM 481 Assignment Number One Computer Skills Assignment You have recently been appointed to a position of financial analyst with a large manufacturing concern. Your immediate superior has brought the CFO into your office, explaining that you are a graduate from the Accounting and Financial Management program at the University of Waterloo, and therefore, you are a computer wizard. The CFO, a gruff old lady of at least 55 years of age, looks at you with a mixture of admiration and disdain. I’m presenting a financial analysis to the Board of Directors in a week’s time, and I need to have a good functioning financialRead More →

April 22, 2010 Indian Independence India, in the 18th century was ruled by the British for two centuries. The Indians wanted freedom from the British. British looted and caused fights in India and treated them with no respect. The Indian Independence was caused by British Imperialism. The British wanted to take over India, but India wanted freedom as well since it’s their country not the British. Although politics and nationalism were important causes of the Indian Independence Movement, the most important cause was Imperialism because of the British East India Company, economy, and religion. The British East India Company was a cause of imperialism. TheRead More →

Toshiba Ome Works Informations : Production time per day= 7. 5 hours = 27. 000 seconds Output per day= Production time per dayTime needed to make 1 laptop = 27. 000120 = 225 units Total time needed from Ws #1 to Ws #8= 843 seconds Total time needed from Ws #1 to Ws #10= 1258 seconds (sum of task times) Total time needed in Ws #2= 114 seconds (consider as longest time needed before the Ws #9) Total time needed in Ws #9 = 310 seconds Total time needed in Ws #10= 105 seconds Assembly Line Balancing Formulas: Takt time (T) = Production time perRead More →

BMW Advertising & Marketing Strategy The Ultimate Driving Machine Draft Agenda ? Introduction ? Marketing Overview ? Advertising Overview ? Target Audience ? Marketing Channels ? Advertising Campaigns ? Competition Analysis Introduction ?BMW is Bayerische Motoren Werke ? Industry :Automotive industry ? Founded :1916 ? Founder: Franz Josef Popp ? Headquarters: Munich, Germany ? Products : Cars, Aircraft engines, motorcycles ? Employees : 96,230 ? Subsidiaries :Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Mini, BMW Motorrad , Husqvarna Marketing Overview Consistent marketing policy, the ‘market niche’ strategy Branding based on four core values, which are: Technology ,Quality, Performance & Exclusivity Message of these values being portrayed in advertising campaignsRead More →

As I began to do research on IPO’s, I wanted to make sure that I had a clear understanding of what exactly an IPO was. Initial Public Offering can be defined as the first sale of stock by a formerly private company. An IPO (Initial Public Offering) can be used by either small or large companies to raise expansion capital and become publicly traded enterprises. Many companies that undertake an IPO also request the assistance of an Investment Banking firm acting in the capacity of an underwriter to help them correctly asses the value of their shares, that is, the share price. ttp://www. ipoinitialpublicofferings. com/ipo-definitions.Read More →

Fashion Channel Case Assignment 1. Which alternative (i. e. course of action) do you recommend that FASHION CHANNEL adopt? I recommend the scenario that is focused more on the fashionistas. 2. Secure “buy-in” for your recommendation with solid, convincing and focused support. The primary decision criteria used in deriving your recommendation should be evident in your supporting argumentation, and the latter should be built around those criteria. After calculation (Result seen below), we can estimate that: 2007 without any change of marketing strategy will result in a margin decrease of 6%, from 30% to 24%. Scenario 1 (Broad appeal) will increase the revenue. But theRead More →

Unit 202 Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people Outcome 2 2. 4A Describe the actions to take in response to emergency situations including: FIRES Regular testing of the fire alarms take place every six weeks at the School. The log book is kept by the business manager, this is available to any visiting fire officer. Fire instructions are clearly posted in all classrooms, offices and corridors. Also emergency exits are clearly signed. There are always at least 2 fire exits in each classroom. In the event of raising he alarm the glass will need to be broken in one of the many alarmsRead More →